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What time is it?

People say, Life goes too fast……


I am born February 16, 1974 and my personal life expectancy is 9869 days left to live.

Let me explain:


My assumption is that I won’t become older than 70 years. So that is: 27 years from now * 365,5 = 9868,5 days.

Let’s be positive and round it up to 9869 days. 9869 days to live.

This under the condition that I live a healthy and normal life with frequent exercising and the required vitamins and minerals.

If this is not the case, this won’t benefit my story.

The clock is ticking further anyway.


When I was young my true passion was fishing. Sitting at the shore, one with nature, silence, alone with the water and my dreams.

As I grew older fishing became only a memory of a long forgotten and fade away feeling.

Now, statistically I will drive my youth passion best 15 times more till I die.


A lot of people say, Life goes way too fast……


Is that true? Really?

Isn’t it all about the quality of life and what you do with it?


Many people are not doing what they actually desire, but are satisfied with less.

Many people are doing something different than their childhood’s dreams.

Many people have an unfulfilled dream left the moment they die.


Why do people do what they do?

Why do people do not what they want, wish, must or could do?


A lot of people come to this world, do their thing, feel okay, rest with it and eventually they die.

They stop growing, stop developing and stop dreaming.

A lot of people love to watch a glass half full, telling it is not what they had expected, and leaving it that way.



Be greater than your circumstances!


Why do people do what they do?

Why do people do not what they want, wish, must or could do?

The fundament lies in their inner value believe system.

Search for the value and believe system inside yourself.


Less people know Why they do what they actually do.

What makes you enthusiastic?

What do you think is important?

What gives you energy?

What do you believe?

What is driving you?

What is your motivation?

What is the reason you exists?


Is it; money, family, love, religion? community? status? relaxation? work? sports?….


And what are your values?

Honesty, respect, quality, liability, integrity, openness, love? ….


How do you see the future?

What do you want to reach, be or achieve within 1, 5 or 10 years?


What is really important? And what does truly matter?

I can’t answer this for you.

But at least I can make you aware of it.


If you set sail for a journey and you do not have a clear destination in mind, it doesn’t matter which direction you go.



Life goes way too fast……

Why do you do the things you do?

Why don’t you do the things you want, wish, must or could do?

Dream, use your imagination, your fantasy.

Search the “why” from within, find what is truly important, imagine…..


What is your clock showing you?

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  • Jorn Gijzen

    Hi Robin, very inspiring and so true… My “clock” tells me that there are few things in life you can’t buy… And one thing is TIME, so I value my time, not stuff. Also reminds me of the song Time – Pink Floyd “Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time” So I try to make the most out of our precious time, take more action (instead of thinking) and to stick to your dreams if you really want to follow it. Thank you Robin.

    Reply to Jorn Gijzen
  • Robin

    Dear Benjamin,

    Many thanks for your message and I am happy to come back to you.

    Everybody has a choice in life.
    Whether it is a good or a bad direction. One is able to make that decision for themself.
    Stick to your true self and follow your passion. Let nothing stand in your way to achieve your goal.
    Think positive and reach out for opportunities and happiness.

    Hope this helps and take care.

    Best regards,

    Reply to Robin
  • Benjamin

    Both motivating and inspiring Robin!
    Everybody has a choice to create the opportunity, or should they have the opportunity to make a choice in life?

    Reply to Benjamin

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