Last weekend I stepped back from my daily life and made time to take distance and move to the bigger picture of meaning, my existence.
Why am I doing the things I do and what should I do, else?
My annual reflection; exiting!

Reflecting and reviewing the past year;
Is my mission in life still valid?
How do I see the future, range of at least 20 years?
Do I still honor my values and treating my Anchors and my priorities right?
Am I still doing the correct things?

What have I done past year?
What should I have done differently?
What should be improved?
What have I learned from it?
What is done perfectly? Why?

What is on my to do list
What is on my NOT to do list?

To-Dos, my “targets” and promises? How to deal with them?
My overall all advice with targets, commitments:
Stick to them, change them or do not make them at all.

Regarding Happiness, I have spent far more time, taking the quality moments with my wife and my mother.
In the Health area I have prolonged my life with an additional twenty years, decided to keep living longer.
The Spiritual Anchor shows that I have read exactly fifty books, but far less than the years before. To compensate, and to clarify, I started writing my blog, which consumes lots of time as well.
Being Successful is neutral…. It has been a turbulent period with, reorganizations, uncertainty, discovering my true caring partnerships, my principles, values and the bigger picture. From the other site new roles; privileges & responsibilities have been offered and embraced.
About the Financial topic, it is going slightly down, but that is a logical development of choosing for the trips and vacations with my family instead of being rich.
Last but not least the Physical Power shows that I gained weight, a few pounds, but the other way I have run the Rotterdam marathon.

In conclusion: not too bad. But do I live for “not too bad”???
Good question!

In 2016 my compulsive continuous search and drive for development and improvement tickled me not to fall into mediocracy. But time and the world around me is changing. Or, am I changing; more aware, more conscious? More true and pure to myself? I was walking on a path between now and my visualized destination. It was a year of balance, keeping the bigger picture and honoring my prioritized Anchors and values.

Most of all I came to the conclusion to keep imagining, not to stop dreaming and to chase my dreams & desires. As well, having in mind what is really important to keep it simple and not too complex. Be conscious, reflect, steer and learn, following your heart.

For the next twelve months my desire and drive is to interest, to inspire and meet new people, moving forward. And most of all, I want to be true to my number One core value- Happiness, with my family and especially my mother.

I discovered that…..eventually it does not matter which choice you make, it’s about how you deal with the consequences.

~If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading ~
Lao Tsu