Vague contours aware recognition- Realizing it was I.
Finally I recognized myself today


Today I shared my to do list with my wife..
My list with aims, achievements, dreams and desires.

That moment was …..magical, and worlds came together- one view, one vision.
It was a moment of communicating, openness, transparency, engagement, involvement and commitment. There was a common picture of interests and priorities.

My wife, truly happy with certain achievements, curious and interested in others. And I, blessed for the communality, communication and “approval”.
And a moment, a prove of dedication, believe, trust and common agreement.
The openness might be scary, a feeling of vulnerability, but the transparency is building a stronger shared vision.

This trust, believe and openness reminds me of something similar, seen and experienced in business life.

One day you might discover you possess a certain valuable unique talent.
A skill making you special, providing you added value, advantage, power.
You can use this, in your life by growing, exploiting and proving meaning.

Imagine a moment in life realizing that granting this skill to others makes them better as well; individuals, teams, departments and organizations.
You can learn to develop, to apply, to grow.

You, yourself, become less unique, but the potential for the bigger cause, the fundament, the common destination is enormous.
Passing the knowledge and seeing others applying it…. proud, satisfaction, resignation.
And the moment of that feeling, that legacy is priceless, beholding…. making you so small.

Taking a hand, opening a mind, touching a heart, driving altruistic growth.
~ Great leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. ~