Dark Light

Courageously embracing the flames with gratitude, peace and grace.

In the heart of sacrifice,
she embraces the inferno with gratitude,
letting go of the echoes of her past.

Wings of flame encircle her,
an inferno of cleansing light,
burning away the remnants of what once was,
with serene acceptance.

Through the agony of release,
her essence is purified,
every ember a testament to rebirth,
filled with hope.

The pyre consumes her wholly,
a blazing testament to the necessity of endings,
each spark a whisper of the promise of renewal.

In the crucible of her own making,
she is reduced to ashes,
an offering to the relentless cycle of life,
reflecting on her journey.

For in this fiery embrace,
she surrenders completely,
knowing that only through destruction,
can she be born- anew with anticipation.

As the flames subside,
the ashes hold the promise of a new dawn,
her spirit unbound, awaiting its rise.


~ In the ashes of her sacrifice, the seed of rebirth is sown ~


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