As Life, Leadership- and Business Mentor, Robin has the unique ability to create his own life tale. He is inspired by meeting people and listening to their stories.

Robin has followed an amazing journey discovering his goals and the important things in life.

His compass provides him clear direction reaching out for happiness, health, spirit, success, wealth and physical strength.

In order to archive his objectives Robin has a strong focus and tremendous drive on development and continuous improvement.

Circumstances in life are not a given, but are tailored and made by Robin himself.

Robin is driven in stimulating and assisting others by a significant mix of positivism, opportunity, possibility and unlimited enthusiasm.

He is convinced that one is able to reach everything in life as a result of infinite believe, focus and passion.

Robin believes strongly in focus and is an Inspiration for anyone who wants to direct their own life, follow their heart, expand their personal wealth, and contribute to their personal growth.