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Not all people will understand your journey. No worries. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.

Do not get too much notice of what I write or post. Nor, Do not spend too much time on the adventures, achievements and accomplishments of others.

Don’t fall in the trap of comparing your path with someone else ‘s measurements.

Live your own life.
Be the person you want to be.
Do the things you love.
Do the things you love with passion.

Keep Life Simple, Smile.
Be happy.

~ It is Okay to live a life others won’t understand ~


Do you live your own life?  Feel free to share your comments!

  1. Wonderful ,encouraging shares with amazing designs.
    Thank you Robin Boot for your all efforts , #inspiration and #guidance 🙏😊🌺🌈💎🍀🐞🕊✨

    1. 🙏💫 many thanks for your beautiful words and appreciation, Nesli.

      It is the world around us, inspiring and impacting us.

      If you are open to see that you know you are able to influence and change.

      Do not sit and watch, but change the game! 😇👈🏼☺️👏🏼🌿

      Happy, wonderful day and never let go of your dreams and desires 💫

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