Are not the angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

Darkness and silence surround me in the Basilique Notre-Dame. It is peaceful in the cathedral. In the far back a golden cross on the altar, shining brightly holding a bleeding man, hanging, suffering, still.

An older man, late seventy, shambles to one of the corners, his mind of his own, his eyes sad, empty. While staring to the table with candles, a moment, one long second, maybe, a gentle ray of light twists on his face, peacefully. Or I can be wrong. It could be easily the morning light through the stained glass windows, dancing. His wrinkled hands shaking, search for his old wallet, pulling out some coins as he buys a candle.

Why I am here? Why are we here?

In this place.

Is it for hope? Is it faith, curiosity or maybe forgiveness?

As I walk down the aisle towards the altar my eyes discover a still silhouette sitting in a dark corner, curved. With her hands, holding her face a young girl is sitting, motionless, tears falling, praying. Separated from the world, she searches for hope and inspiration to grab her sorrow, doubts and despair to embrace human affection, again.

This scene is so quiet and peaceful. A place surrounded and filled with solace, inspiration and motivation. And I, not born here, in this Kingdom, I do not feel like an intruder nor a stranger.

A feeling of warm welcome is inside me, filling me. I am not religious, hanging on, trusting, believing one higher power. Still. Here I am. Here they are. Why?

The old hands light the candle and place it on the table among the many other beacons of endless memories. The man sits down next to the altar on the wooden bank folding his hands, his eyes still staring into the past. While his mind is persistently hanging on to almost forgotten times, a sweet soft voice warms his soul, telling him to move on, that everything is ok. Ok. To move on and honoring their eternal promise. As I watch the old man I am convinced that he will manage to close the empty gap and that time will fill his days, his heart and their souls.

As I leave the cathedral, and step into the bright sun light, palm trees to my left, awareness is with me. It is not where or what we hold on to. Whether if it is Religion, Leadership, Knowledge, Technology, Money, Family or only Ourselves. At the end of the day it is a matter where to believe in. If our daily life is inspired by love, by dreaming more, learning more or giving more then we have found what we are looking for.

Inspiration is the motivator to do the things we love


What is inspiring you? What motivates you and keeps you going? Feel free to share your comments!