I am coming home

Orange trees, the mosque with the one tower, palm trees and the calm blue sea with the silhouette of rocky mountains. The sky filled with trails of white clouds densed by the evening prayer. The circle repeats itself and the second start already lies behind me for almost three years. Happiness follows me ever since, at last shaping itself, like a sculpture out of solid rock. [ref.] Happiness

Time flies by in Alanya, the pearl of the Turkish Riviera. Pamphylia, the former seaside bastion is bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north, where the Citadel peers into the Mediterranean sea on the South. Faces are different but the people are the still the same, here. The place itself, looks and feels full of energy, movement and ….. future.

Is it the city, breathing change and prosperity. Or is it us? Walking in this strange, familiar place, among all these people, still alone and in solitude….. I feel not lonely, more empty hearted.

Foolish, strange enough, I learned myself that Place and Home is a location with things, a roof and memories. I expected home coming. I could never be more wrong, now getting the consciousness and ultimate confirmation, that……it all lies in the heart…. Home is where the people you love are…..

What about my pre made vision and imagination about Path, Purpose and Destiny? Do we tell ourselves bed time stories only to be able to live? Could we be So wrong? I close my eyes, in solitude.

Home is where the heart is…………..

~ Chase your dreams, but always know the road that will lead you home to who you really are ~