Life is a chain of good and bad experiences, deal with the bad ones, learn from it and cherish the beautiful moments.

Twilight covers the city.
People are excited, elated in this awakened and relieved town.
They are talking differently here with their unique accent.
Out of a cellar bar, the sound of angels, singing.

It’s a big party, celebration in town.
The reward of years of suffering, dedication and loyalty shivers to the bone in all its DNA and blood; shaping the culture, sociality, generations.

The atmosphere in the cellar in the old harbor is impregnated of relieve, courage and ecstasy.
After decades, We, the city needed victory, salvation, in all it is glory. Today everybody is royal, king, queen in eternity. Suddenly, as it had started, the ecstasy, vanishes, a moment of silence before the speaker starts a slow piano melody.

Down below in a corner, five female students, beginning twenty, standing up from their table, leaving their food and as in a trance they straighten theirs backs.
With their left fist on their hearts, one closing her eyes, and guided by the melody, their voices start singing.
A story about this town, wandering through the areas, the icons, characterizing generations. A slow song telling its tale, its past, giving strength for the future.
The bombing, the resilience, the Victory.

All five, young, not even conscious of the entire tale.
But in that moment, their voices out of their hearts, their history, their city, their people, their ….. blood….Our tale…
And the public in the bar, rough diamonds, with tattoos and raw voices, as in the same trance, all caught in that single moment- touched by angels.
In a flash I had a reflex of catching this moment, with my camera, but I cannot move, hypnotized, enchanted.

And as the angels finalize their final words, fading away into the night, we, the rough crowed, moving up and giving them a standing ovation.
Not from excitement, but captured by emotion, being touched, felt understood, they, these angels coming from heaven.
Feeling grateful, being blessed I notice the tear on my cheek.

Many times I think back of that moment, those angels.
And there are times, I want to go back, to that spot, in the hope I will find those angels, their magic, re doing that moment- redeemed in eternity.

But at the same time I know it is only a desire, one moment, a moment where everything perfectly fits, past, presence, future. And it will never be the same, nor coming back.
And I can’t explain where I am searching for, redemption?

At the end of the day I realize…. That moments, time is getting by, good moments come and go, but they are behind you.
Cherish them, in your heart, your mind, capture it, but move on and head for the next experience.
Keep it simple and focus on life itself.


~ Cherish the road behind you, but the future is ahead.  keep it simple, have your dreams and desires, your angels, but live your life. ~