Dark Light

Today I reach out to you
Today I feel enthusiastic, full of energy and full of passion

Today, unlimited power, possibilities and potential is dwelling inside me
Today I extend my life with twenty extra years

Today, I discover new potential, connecting to new persons and listen to amazing stories, reaching out
Today I reach another milestone and am able to thick a box

But it can happen that today I experience a moment of bad luck, a downfall,  I learn from it, take lesson out of it
When I could do today again, I will succeed next time

It was today that I succeeded  in achieving greatness
Today, you inspire me, you give me energy, focus and reason
Today, I live my passion, my dreams

Today I cry, but not my tears, yours….
It can be that today I lose a dear one, standing still, reflecting, mourning, leaving behind
Today I believe that there always will be a new day, a new dawn

Today I keep moving
Today I make things happen

Today i witness, enjoy and warm myself at your happiness
I enjoy day’s like today

Today I share my energy with you, I feel a urge to shout and scream
Today my story feels endless
I love today!
I am convinced that tomorrow is like today
Today I am on the top of the world
I feel GREAT!

Let my life always be like today.

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