Now and then people ask me how I have become like this….
driven, passionate, focused, conscious and full of energy.


It all started in April 2014. One evening I was watching a documentary on National Geographic about fears, and facing your fears.
There was a scene in a café about dating, the whole environment, the mental process; tension, adrenaline, and fear. The fear of failing. What is your comfort zone and what does it do with you? What does a comfortable feeling do with you, and what does not?
How do you deal with fears? How do fears exist?

At the end of the day, the conclusion; face it, again and again, keep facing, keep falling, continuously rising and learn from it. Amazing! The topic fascinated me, it does ever since.


The same evening I searched on the Net on this topic.

I had the honor and pleasure to find Jim Rohn, his words and philosophy about personal development. At the same time I followed Jim his advice and started to read the book “The richest man in Babylon” and I started to apply it, all.
Jim his voice has literally been life changing.


One of my next discoveries was Tony Robbins, about believe and mindset:  tools & techniques.
In a clear and incisively manner Tony is step by step able to take you away into a world of believe, focus and conviction.




After that Napoleon Hill’s book  “The law of success”, took me into the laws of personal improvement and development to achieve success.
The seed was planted, the early journey had begun……


I started with writing things down, my personal journal of significant lessons, choices of moments in my life. What were my aims; new goals, accomplished objectives and what did I get out of it?
Frequent reflection was part of my routine; What had I done? What should I had done differently? What needed to be improved? What had I learned from it?

At the same time I explored and discovered my anchors, my values in life and combined and tailored this into my personal life philosophy.
With all this, my personal credo and to do List, of goals and purposes, were created.
Driven by purpose and believe, from now on, I systematically got things done!


With this discovered consciousness, enthusiasm and focus I read 284 books, with an average of 3 a week, about more over Organizations, Sales, Marketing, Management and Personal development. I varied the wisdom with Marx, Darwin and Mark Twain.

I watched YouTube channels and movies about motivation, excellence and greatness. My daily visit to the gym was part of my system and I lost weight of 30 pounds in 18 months. Long forgotten abs appeared again. A stage of continuous improvement had been developed.

“I believe to be better in every element of my life; Happiness, Health, Mind, Success, Finance and Physical strength”, was my repeating motto.


Now the journey is  2 years and 8 month further.
54 topics from my list have been reached and achieved and I have celebrated all the successes.
I have found balance in my anchors and I live to my personal defined and honored priorities.

Towards the future I will reach out; to others and to my own goals, my list where I define and discover new challenges and potential.
I will persist, I will succeed.


Because in the end,
I love what I do and do what I love, reaching out to make my dreams come true!
Over and over again.