What is truly important in life?
Is it Work? Status? Or maybe money?
Do you think love and passion is driving you?
Importance and motivation is actually something very personal and differences from person to person.

I discovered that this awareness is a process, slowly making up your mind, thinking over and over again and eventually things and visions fall into place.
What makes you really enthusiastic?
Is it adventure?
Do you like to spent time in the gym? Or with friends and family?

And Why? Why, do you like for example money?
Is it because, the shape, the material; the paper or silver? Or is because of what you can do with it, buy things?
So, Why do you like to buy things? And what kind of things?

It is very important to discover the Why? Coming to a higher abstraction level, to reach and discover the bigger meaning of your motivation, reason, your true desire.
Just ask yourself 9 times the Why question and discover and come closer your true inner core, your drive.

Next is prioritization, the order of the discovered short list is of significant importance.
Which is more important; money or family? Or work or family? Or money or work?
Again, I can’t answer this personal questions for you. This is really up to you.

The more this picture fits in, the more these answers will grow into your personal blue print, your compass.
A model, an instrument that provides structure, leads and guides you.

Let me tell you about my own discovery of current anchors. And I emphasize “my own” and “current”.

–    My No. 1 Anchor is Happiness, for me this is defined and given meaning by my quality time with family and friends
–    No. 2 is Health, this stands for living a healthy life, especially to grow old and beat my own border of 70 years
–    Mind is No. 3 which stands for personal growth, improvement and development
–    No. 4 is Success; being successful in what I do, whatever I do in daily life
–    Wealth stands for financial focus and is discovered as No. 5
–    Last but not least is Physical strength. No. 6 is my time in the gym and my physical condition.

As said, these anchors are my personal structure and grip.
Maybe the total picture is not solid and life-prove in every situation, but it helps me every day, every hours in my motivations, actions and choices and deeds.

Where should I spend my time and energy on, in which situation?
See the view above: for me it works out perfectly and is really easy!

The first step is awareness and consciousness.
Next comes to be honestly faithful, true to yourself and live it.

A compass is only an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows the way relative to a certain point.
A compass only helps you, guides you, provides direction.


Your inner consciousness is your only genuine compass.