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Today I am blessed because I breathe and I am alive.

The very first moment I saw her was on a business trip in Europe.
In a hotel at a typical business breakfast; couples and parties pre closing business deals, aligning tactics and strategy. Between the atmosphere of alignment and objectives, suddenly my eye caught a glimpse of a young lady. She was dressed in black, a wide skirt, blouse and her brown hair hold together by a black flower hairclip. Her beautiful face reflected grace in all her being and movement. Her eyes, strangely- no expression- isolated, cold. And as soon as she had come, she vanished into the crowd.

The next morning it was at early breakfast. Working on my laptop I was having liters of espresso and in between some salmon, sausage and eggs. It would be a travel day and- the aim was to get some emails out, staying ahead of business and myself.

Then, I noticed her. At the far right, all alone at a table. Silently, having breakfast; toast & marmalade. While some of us were isolated, interacting with our mobile, she – the same staring ivory expression. What was her story? Why did she seem so desolated from the world around her? With her beauty- was it out of vanity? Or arrogance? The distanced wall of ice seemed to unmelt-able. I looked away, not to be caught, appearing to be too interested: too freaky.

Then all of a sudden, I noticed the strange way she was holding her fork while taking small bites. The angle of her hand was curved. And under the table her other hand was noticeable shaking. Her empty glance focusing on her fork.

My heart was bursting- torn apart.
Her sudden vulnerability and avoidance of human affection drowned me in a pool of compassion.
I can recall I cried- not only heavily within, but even whipping tears from my cheek.
That feeling of loneliness switched over to me and one moment – one moment I was lost in deserted, desolated oblivion- like she.
With all my soul and earthly being I wanted to protect her from all the danger, violence and hurt of this world.

While whipping my tears- and with sudden ringing ears-
In a glimpse, like the day before, she had unnoticeably left. Left for- existence.
That was the last moment…I had ever seen her.

In my mind you are often with me.
I pray- praying for you.

A prayer- for the angels, the deserted, the desolated. A prayer for health, happiness, prosperity – faith, love and forgiveness.
Because – there are angels among us……….

And every time- when I “think” I have a bad day in life.. my thoughts go to you, making the best of life, in all your desolated and silent grace- realizing that I am blessed with what I have….

Today….. I am blessed for what is given to me and I cry…. for the vulnerable angels in this world.

    1. Thank you so much, highly appreciate..
      Have a great wekeend and never forget to make all your dreams come true 🌠

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