Disclaimer: I must note- Life itself is not a strict formula or a rational machine, just keep it simple. But if you are convinced that something is important: make the change and get it done!


Life’s Anchors are something magical, something you insistently want to get hold of, thé important matters in one’s life.
Pillars of life provide a greater good and meaning where somebody is willing to fight for.
If you close your eyes and imagine your anchor, now and in the future, you must be able to picture it, see your desired future and goal.
Experience it- preferable in detail, see, smell, taste, feel and live that moment, already.


Now- describe this vision and write it down, in future perfect tense, out of this desire, your wish, your imagination.
In one year I have lost 30 pounds of weight in order to live a healthy life and sharpen my physical strength.”

Repeat it in your head, say it up loud, every day. Get used to this, in the gym, working out, driving home or before you fall in sleep.
Visualize your future, embrace it. Constantly.


And how do you want to get there?
What are the steps in between to reach your goal?
Cut it, chuck it in pieces and pave your path.
On this path you believe in your vision, stay on this road and keep your focus.
Eventually this path leads you to reach your goals.


Start with it, reaching for your goals, by keeping it simple…
Avoid initially strict management of your life, but awareness and conciseness of some elements is useful and valuable. It might be interesting to know:

– What does it contribute to the greater good for you?
– If this matter of life is so important to you, why haven’t you reached and accomplished it before?
– What will be the required effort to achieve your purpose and making it happen?
– What will be the next step you need to take to move forward?


In order not to make it too complex, for now, I stay away from systematically holding grip on control and progress of your movement. Just start and try it for 3 months.
What do you have to lose?


~Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. ~