How strongly do you want the things you are looking after, how heartily? How intense is your desire? How Badly do you Want it? How vigorously do you Need it? Why?
What is the difference, actually? What is Want? What is Need?

A Want is something that is desired, an unfulfilled wish, a will.
A Need is something that is necessary, something  required, an obligation in certain circumstances or a situation.

A lot of people are after a specific goal in life. For example, they want to have a lot of money, to be financial independent. Do they want it? “of course, why not?”
But, do they need it? ……

What makes the difference? What makes them chase their desire?
What is that one, element that is giving you the motivation, the drive, the focus, the persistence to reach that goal? And something else not?
It is belief. It is having unconditional trust in your goal, your truth. It is having faith in your destination. It is having the right mindset, the correct focus.

Belief is a mental image, a state of mind, of what a person thinks is being correct, real and  true.
Belief is a set of the ideas where a person is convinced of, a hold, which provides a feeling of safety.

Your mindset is a set of thoughts and beliefs that outline a person’s way of thinking and their view.
Your mindset impacts the way someone behaves, thinks about themselves and the world around them.
A mindset is not static, but it can shift due to experiences, of your own, other people or situations, in your daily life.

So, if your belief tells you intensely that your goal is to have an x amount of money at the age of 55, to have quality time with your family, to catch up the damage of lost time with your wife due to a hard working life, make this your only truth, your reality.
You want it unconditionally, you need it, now, without any doubt, strongly; to catch up the lost time, the sacrifice. This will be your highest objective in life, your focus, your mindset.
From now on you live to this belief, as part of your values, your anchors, your compass; your path.

Shape your brain and willpower by formulating your goal, by structure.
“At the age of 55 I have saved up an amount of x dollar, to be financial independent and spend time with my wife and family.”
Repeat this to yourself, every time, every day… keep this clear vision, this destination.
In parallel, make a plan, cut the big goal into chunks, break it down and make it happen!

Now, the next step is the toughest, stay focused and walk the path, absolutely, congruently.
What if you realize you keep spending money on “lesser” topics and realizing your set goal is at stake? How important is your goal? How urgent are lesser things?

Apparently your belief, your focus and your mindset allows you to make choices and put lesser elements higher in the rank than the quality time with your family, your discovered and defined highest goal. At least be true and honest to yourself.

How strongly do you strive for the set goal of quality time with your family? How heartily is this will? How intense is this belief?
Nobody told you it was easy! You might get distracted, but grab and hold on the focus and destination.

Weight both anchors; the defined important things in life; the quality time, the “lesser” things and decide ….. At the end, the outcome can vary and even shift.
At least be able to look yourself in the eyes and be transparent and clear to yourself and others.


Believe in yourself and your destination, dream the path and you’re halfway there.”