It is morning in Antalya and sunlight appears from the East on the colorful houses, from behind mount Taurus.

I am sitting on the balcony of my apartment in the center of the city, down the castle, left sea, right sea and in my back the ancient mountain range. For almost 15 years I come to this place.
It is here where present, past and future meet.

Time is taking me away to orange trees in the streets, children heading for school down the block, the national anthem is sounding soon,  aloud.

A moment ago I watched my wife, in bed, making little movement, little sounds and vaguely aware of the noise of the awaking pearl of the Turkish coast.

I am here for a short holiday, without TV and Internet, with 5 books and my laptop, and while the sunlight is warming my face I close my eyes.

No plans, no pressure, nothing, only now, only being here.
For a moment, silence, peace, nothing, wealth, happiness- Serenity.

While I start breathing again I sense a smile on my face.
This is where I want to be, this is where I have worked for, were I belong: my number One core value in life.

Now while happiness is filling me with its nectar eternity is approaching, in this moment of my core objective, living my discovered main value, my goal, I feel wealthy.

I feel everything…..