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Today I decided to keep living longer.
Today I extend my life, with 20 years.


As I wrote and mentioned previously several times I had a personal life expectation of no longer than seventy years, max. (http://personalempowering.com/what-time-is-it/)
Partying all night, sleeping all day, it was amazing to live my life to the “full” extent! And that for decades. So, based on some wild years to get “everything” out of life I framed myself that I would not become very old. And in my youthful rashness, ignorance, I could live with that philosophy.

If you have a clear set expectation, that is framed in your mind and becoming truth, this is your mindset, your ultimate belief. And when the time is there and you finally have reached your destination, you have succeed; accomplished!

There is relief, a thick in the box, but at the same time; emptiness, your destination, vision has faded away, like a flower in the fall. So, during time, look further, further than your destination and in the process stretch your limits and keep setting and aiming for new goals. There are many examples of a close link between destiny, a desired future, faith and the body, the spirit, the existence giving up. Its about a close connection between the mindset- destiny, or lack of it, and the sudden loss of direction, purpose and focus, which can have a decaying effect.

When the time is there, by the age of seventy, there are no goals left, there is emptiness, nothing, and you feel satisfied, having peace with it and you let go. So, do not only be greater than your circumstances, be greater than yourself, too! Dare to challenge yourself.
Because do not fall in the trap of forcing yourself in a self-fulfilling prophecy.


In the same light, aim high, think big.
So, today I have discovered and defined a new goal;
One day I have reached an age above ninety years in good health”.I gave myself another 20 years of life, 7.300 days. I take control over myself. I am in control and creating my own destiny.

“Keep stretching life, take nothing for granted and make your dreams happen.”
Again and again and again.

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