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The environment is changing, I can sense it, feel it, smell it, even hear it. The atmosphere, the air, the water, the earth- everything, everywhere. Another time of the year- the season changing- never having noticed that autumn is so varied, full of colors, so beautiful. This year no retreat to my beloved spot at the Turkish Riviera, but finding rest and inspiration somewhere North in the Slavic mountainous area of the zmaj.

Fall; trees, branches, leaves- a variety of yellow, brown, orange, a diversity of green, red and ocher. Silhouettes of mountain peaks in the distance without vegetation, barren, natural. Dawn, fields of ripe. Hilly landscapes with trees and tops in mist. A veil, a soft blanket of clouds covering the scene as Medea has cast her sleeping charm over the land- the land with her Slavic soul. The silence, nothing. The smell of leaves, fresh and earth. I am serene, maybe slightly in love.

As the sun is dancing with the clouds in her daily rhythm, in all dignity. A black church tower is rising out of the mist revealed and capturing a chained snail. Down a small path a wooden fence leading up, sheds, an abandoned cottage.

So far- light years, ages, lives- away: the world of inspiration, motivation objectives and values. An environment where efficiency, and continuous improvement for competitive success must be a daily instinct to survive. A life where everyone and everything must have a reason and strategy; emerging eco systems, global relations, untangling organizations and digitalization. Matters withstanding financial disorder, disruption, competition and false promises and commitment. Living to keep moving, living for action- calling for unlimited action.

Nothing, silence. No sign of life, the forest is quiet, no creature to be seen.


Fields, dense undergrowth, the mud, a barren path, land where nothing stirred than deserted branches and bushes, a lifeless place. The water level of the lake is like a mirror, flat, without any ripples. The reflection of the landscape is like one with the world above. Clear blue sky decorating the scenery, twice. A smile is marking my face. I feel one with nature. Here is where I belong- truly in love.


A six sense is pulling me away, a longing, a burning desire, a second nature; my Smartphone- wanting to connect to the world. An urgent, primal, instinct is fighting within me. But I am strong, I can resist, Yet.
How long can I withstand this lingering animal- this beast, inside me? I don’t know- I am afraid, not very long. I am a prisoner of my own cage. When the doors open, the real dragon will reveal himself and spread his wings..

It’s all about quality of life and finding a harmonizing balance between anchors, values and purpose.
There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice


  1. The origins of Ljubljana dragon can be traced to the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason was a Greek hero who stole the Golden Fleece from the king of the Black sea. Jason and the Argonauts fled on a ship called Argo to the mouth of the river Danube, instead to the Aegean Sea. They soon reached the Ljubljanica river. Since it was winter, they decided to camp near the spring of the Ljubljanica river. Near Ljubljana, they came across a large lake and a marsh where a swamp monster lived. Jason heroically fought this dragon and finally killed it. Jason was supposed to be the first citizen of Ljubljana.

  2. The snail, a model of tenacity and wisdom, has been the symbol of the town of Višnja Gora for centuries. Legend says that local lords found a wounded Venetian aristocrat, took him to their castle for care, and eventually he recovered. His grateful family brought expensive gifts all the way from Venice, including a golden cup shaped as a snail shell, decorated with precious stones. Town dignitaries would drink wine and make toasts from it on special occasions. But the valuable snail soon disappeared. They made a replica and chained it securely – but soon this too was lost. Today, only the legend of a chained snail remains.

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