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Dear Procrastination,


The untold Hymne.


I love you,

When you whisper my name,

I welcome you with open arms,

When I know you are near,

I embrace you like an old friend,

When others warn me about you,

I defend you fiercely.


Fear of action because I don’t want to face reality,

Fear of effort, so I don’t even begin,

Fear of moving forward because of what they say about others,

Who do they think you are?


Making me so comfortable in your presence?

Reflection in the mirror,

Shadow around me,

I take no step and still,

You’re right there beside me,

Excuses on my lips, delay in my eyes,


I keep putting things off,

You never let me down,

You turn intentions into disasters,

A’s to F’s,

Is there anything that can numb me like you do?


Now look at me,

You shape who I am today,

and because of you,

I have this scared, anxious attitude,


That’s seldom an option,

When they stress, I take it slow,

When they hustle, I relax more,

When they say I can and inspire many, I show them I can’t,

When I talk about my fears,

And they scoff, I make sure I enjoy life first.


I’m a risk avoider, that means I duck life my way, not theirs,

Only I can hold myself back,

It’s me against this rush they force on me,

There’s no rush – I will not rush,

I’ve made it this far and I’m enjoying it now.


O Procrastination,

My mind was right about you, you bring peace, and because of that I cherish you.

How can I not?

I’m no longer stressed by you, I’m guided by you.

Matter of fact, where have you been?

I need you, because with delay, I’m at peace!


~ Procrastination is the art of keeping up with YESTERDAY ~

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