Dark Light

~ Ki runga ki te rangi ~

Your mindset is a set of thoughts and beliefs that outline your way of thinking and your view.
Your mindset impacts the way you behave, think about yourself and the world around you.
Your mindset is able to make the difference in any given situation.

It all starts with belief.
Belief is a set of the ideas where a person is convinced of, a hold, which provides a feeling of trust and safety.

It is a dark October night, 2015, Great Britain. On a field, two teams are standing in an arena.
Suddenly the buzzing of the grand stand is fading away… a dark voice trembles through the black night, calling to his ancestors, cleaving through bone and marrow, soul and being.
Bodies trembling, hands shaking and clinching into iron fists. Eyes focused, but seeing nothing, gazing into a long forgotten past. Bodies drained with power, energy, divinity. Eyes, persistence, victory and everlasting, inexhaustible, turning into vicious warriors.

The Haka, an ancient Māori ritual, traditionally to foster strength and blessing of ancestors and gods, expressing passion, vigor, unity and identity of the race. In the moment, there, in eternity, the Haka – performed in trance, eyes, awareness, discovering, triumph in advance, without any doubt. Moving as one, fostering power as one, being one, declaring VICTORY as one. Opponents, restrained as silent witnesses, permitting, allowing doubts of the desired outcome.

Observing the scene you can see the opponents, the environment, heavily judging, making up their mind, but maybe more important is to set eyes on the All Black players, McCaw, Mealamu, Carter, the whole quad. One by one they are invincible. Their internal belief system is telling, making them, cleaving convincing trust into belief. Their internal belief settles their mindset, their attitude, their faith. But as well, it is shining off and it is not only how they feel, it is how others see them. So, this shows that you can impact how the world around sees you. You can create yourself!

If you play poker or have watched some hands you know that a dealt hand with two aces, when starting the game, is top of the world. Every poker player is blessed by receiving this hand. It gives you a kick, adrenaline is floating through your body, your breath is bouncing in your throat. You are ready for the game and you can’t wait: bring it on!
I move away from the odds, game play, the luck, skills and poker strategy. It is about the feeling of invincibility, being powerful. You are cocky, daring, arrogant, maybe ignorant, and you play with flair, trust, believe and self-confidence. You have the best hand, and no one is able to beat you. You are truly King of the world. No one is able to touch or conquer you, you are out of limits. Now, imagine being dealt with an 8 and a 2, and still being able to allow you the feeling of being the top of the world?! How interesting and amazing should that be?

You can turn it around.
What do you think happens when you have an important job interview and you let negativity and uncertainty enter your mind and brain.
You will never are going to get this job, your favorite sports club lost the finals, your pet died, the organized surprise party for your partner turned out in a disaster and your car has broken recently.
Negative thoughts are floating through your head, your body and eventually your eyes.
What would your eyes reflect, how does this impact your attitude and your body language? Your interview?
Of course, some tension, adrenaline, is ok… it is allowed and is good.., let it run…. Let it feed you, but do not let emotions control you, your moment, your life.
Your inner state is the sum of all conditions; your health, your physical shape, the relationship with your partner and kids, the car you drive, your favorite song or just sunny weather. Keep it Simple – use leverage and control your state of mind.

Mindset, attitude, charisma, belief and self-confidence are tools that open doors.
People recognize a look of confidence, a smile. It provides them certainty, trust and belief.

When you enter a room full of strangers, you are about to speak in public or having your first date; be on top of the world, you have nothing to lose, go and own the floor.
Feel in your pockets and discover, reveal the two aces, pocket rockets, call out into the Haka, the world is at your feet.
Be open, relaxed, smile; doors are opening- you are the hero in this story!


Ka tū te ihiihi-  We shall stand fearless
Ka tū te wanawana-  We shall stand exalted in spirit
Ki runga ki te rangi,-  We shall climb to the heavens
E tū iho nei, tū iho nei, hī!-  We shall attain the zenith the utmost heights.


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