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Perfect news!

After my latest post everything turned out amazingly wonderful.

The doctor informed me that the “dark spot” was all about good cells and everything was ok.

What an incredible relief. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.

The rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts has come to an end, my mind was able to settle down and life could turn into normal again.

Normal, but so much to do, still.

The to do list appears before my eyes.

I have some “respite”.


To do lists are my favorite!

I use them to come clean, to take action, clearing my mind or for setting and fulfilling my goals.

Small things, contributing step by step to a wider result.

Bigger things, achievements goals and objectives.


I am addicted to ticking the boxes, finalizing, completing, succeeding, achieving,! I love it..

That feeling…… the kick, the adrenalin in your head by moving one step further, closer to your ideal picture and ready to move on to the next thing.

They are checked away.


Sometimes I even postpone the actual closing of the topic, longing for checking, enjoying the embraced achievement.

Knowing that you have reached a milestone, creating awareness of closing, celebrating.

Love it!


Referring and taking you back to an old story.


It was 1890, and there was a gathering in Pittsburgh. All the movers and shakers were there, including Carnegie. He held court in a corner of the room, smoking a cigar.

He was introduced to Frederick Taylor, the man who was becoming famous as an expert on organizing work.

“Young man,” said Carnegie, squinting dubiously at the consultant, “if you can tell me something about management that is worth hearing, I will send you a check for ten thousand dollars.”

Conversation stopped as the people nearby turned to hear what Taylor would say.

“Mr. Carnegie,” Taylor said. “I would advise you to make a list of the ten most important things you can do. And then, start doing number one.

And, the story goes, a week later Taylor received a check for ten thousand dollars.


For your personal life as a whole it is the same.

Make a list of what is truly important,

And just start.

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