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Let me enter the kingdom of the thousand seas of fertile islands and mystic tales
I reach out for it
Let me awake.


I want to hurt myself today, to be able to feel the burning, the suffering, focusing on the pain.
My life perfectly in balance, dedicated to my true values and anchors: Happiness, Health, Spirit, Success, Finance and physical Power.
So conscious, living it.

But am I falling in the trap of mediocracy? Do I still know how to grind, to desire and mastering the pain?
Feeling the burning through my body, my mind, myself, splitting me- my being.
Do I still strive for greatness?

With these words I am not glorifying pain.
Not trivialized the hurt, denying the sacrifices of the world.
Not denying the bleeding hanging man with his crown of thorns.

What I am saying is-
Without sacrifice no glory
Without the low there is no high
No hurt, no joy

Only by walking through valley of the shadow of dark- you are finally able to recognize the light.

Today I promise to feel again –
Thousand machine crunches (40 lbs.), thousand hip raises, two thousand decline twisted crunches and thousand seated spinal twists (40 lbs.) to start with…
It makes me afraid, shivering- the pain- the hurt. I will die in eternity.
But I will persist. I will succeed
to live.

Hurt, to feel
Hurt, to be alive
Dying, to experience happiness-
once more.

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  • Robin

    MADE IT!

    What I have learned is, when you are facing a huge task or responsibility-
    Cut the elephant into pieces, chunk it and just start.
    Keep it simple, keep faith and believe yourself and in the dot on the horizon.
    A Horizon of unlimited and endless potential and destinations.

    Today I am reborn- granted Redemption, found Salvation.
    But for how long?

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