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Discover your purpose in life- your purpose is your reason for living…………..

I strive to be inspiration for people.
I strive for my action to inspire others to dream more learn more and to achieve more.
I strive to get others inspired and passionate about anything, realizing who they are- accepting themselves and create awareness that they can achieve everything.
Here fore I use a positive mental attitude, personal interrelationships and affection.

My purpose is to have all my life Anchors in balance: Happiness, Health, Spirit, Success, Finance and Strength.

I am the person I want to be.
I do the things I love.
I do what I do with Passion.
I Enjoy everything I do.

Toward the future I strive for a feeling of wealth and freedom– realizing I have enough of everything and do not need anything else anymore.

My highest goal is to transfer and secure my spirit, experiences and wisdom to my legacy.

I am- because I live!

~ The small pieces make the BigPicture ~

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