Generosity opens doors to Happiness

Give, and it will be given to you.
Luke 6:38

I love to give- giving attention, advice, a gift, opportunities, positivity, inspiration or just a smile
And – for sure- Everybody loves to receive something….

But what is actually a gift?
A Gift is something given voluntarily and expecting compensation in return, as to show a favour toward someone or make a gesture of assistance; a present.

It is all a matter of feeling good.
Do you remember-

It is Christmas Eve, a gracious dance of flames in the fire place. You can hear the sound of crackling wood, the warmth is heating up the room.
The guardian angel at the top of the tree. It reflects diamond light into the room and your mind is filling with memories of long forgotten memories of

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Seeking for Salvation

My deepest fundamental apologies
And I could have lied
Having told something different than the truth
And maybe this is a last resort of redeeming myself.

Here on this barren path I am naked and alone
Being all alone with my sin and confession
Alone, feeling somehow scared.

I could have lied-
Making it not real – so much easier and bearable
Just closing my eyes and carry on.

Now, the truth is cutting, wounding me- making me bleed
I am paying the price.

I’m sorry for moments of :
Less time and attention;
my dear mother, my beloved wife, my family and friends
or just not coming home at all.

Sorry for not being able to hang around with you more;
staying a little longer and being a better brother-
me growing older..


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The dragon within

The environment is changing, I can sense it, feel it, smell it, even hear it. The atmosphere, the air, the water, the earth- everything, everywhere. Another time of the year- the season changing- never having noticed that autumn is so varied, full of colors, so beautiful. This year no retreat to my beloved spot at the Turkish Riviera, but finding rest and inspiration somewhere North in the Slavic mountainous area of the zmaj.

Fall; trees, branches, leaves- a variety of yellow, brown, orange, a diversity of green, red and ocher. Silhouettes of mountain peaks in the distance without vegetation, barren, natural. Dawn, fields of ripe. Hilly landscapes with trees and tops in mist. A veil, a soft blanket of clouds covering the scene as Medea has cast her sleeping

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Lead me with endless fire

Insisting that any attempt to re-create or re-act is strictly discommended, I am a bloody fool!
I am aware of- some of- my vices, my thrills- emphasizing that I am an IDIOT- point taken.

Having said this let me take you back a few weeks ago-

It was a grey concrete world where the path was endless
Ahead I saw the vague contours of objects- obstacles
More further down the road focussing on the horizon- the sun was orange, shining gold
From the outside, the air, the vacuum
You could hear the roaring of the engine.

In my vehicle on the European autobahn– no limitation: xxx miles per hour
In my situation- a place where doom is around the corner
All my muscles in my arms were strained, tight- my hands clamping

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Let me enter the kingdom of the thousand seas of fertile islands and mystic tales
I reach out for it
Let me awake.


I want to hurt myself today, to be able to feel the burning, the suffering, focusing on the pain.
My life perfectly in balance, dedicated to my true values and anchors: Happiness, Health, Spirit, Success, Finance and physical Power.
So conscious, living it.

But am I falling in the trap of mediocracy? Do I still know how to grind, to desire and mastering the pain?
Feeling the burning through my body, my mind, myself, splitting me- my being.
Do I still strive for greatness?

With these words I am not glorifying pain.
Not trivialized the hurt, denying the sacrifices of the world.
Not denying the bleeding hanging man with his

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Open your heart and mind- touching others- growing together

Vague contours aware recognition- Realizing it was I.
Finally I recognized myself today


Today I shared my to do list with my wife..
My list with aims, achievements, dreams and desires.

That moment was …..magical, and worlds came together- one view, one vision.
It was a moment of communicating, openness, transparency, engagement, involvement and commitment. There was a common picture of interests and priorities.

My wife, truly happy with certain achievements, curious and interested in others. And I, blessed for the communality, communication and “approval”.
And a moment, a prove of dedication, believe, trust and common agreement.
The openness might be scary, a feeling of vulnerability, but the transparency is building a stronger shared vision.

This trust, believe and openness reminds me of something similar, seen and experienced in business life.

One day you might

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Life is what you make of it

Life is not always a fairytale.
There are moments when you struggle against all odds, when your perfect life is disrupted.
When you are struck in the middle of you core, your anchor, your vulnerable heart.

You are blown apart and your feet swept away.
Disappointed and empty you have lost all your certainty and believe.
Even positive minded beings like I seem to have such a moments.

But then a small ray of sunlight appears and warms your face, putting you down on the ground, giving you your faith, believe and reason back.
A small ray of magic softly whispering: keep smiling, everything will be okay.

~Life is what you make of it ~

Thank you, Sunray. ☀

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Keep life simple and live the moment

Life is a chain of good and bad experiences, deal with the bad ones, learn from it and cherish the beautiful moments.

Twilight covers the city.
People are excited, elated in this awakened and relieved town.
They are talking differently here with their unique accent.
Out of a cellar bar, the sound of angels, singing.

It’s a big party, celebration in town.
The reward of years of suffering, dedication and loyalty shivers to the bone in all its DNA and blood; shaping the culture, sociality, generations.

The atmosphere in the cellar in the old harbor is impregnated of relieve, courage and ecstasy.
After decades, We, the city needed victory, salvation, in all it is glory. Today everybody is royal, king, queen in eternity. Suddenly, as it had started, the ecstasy, vanishes, a moment

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The Path

Last weekend I stepped back from my daily life and made time to take distance and move to the bigger picture of meaning, my existence.
Why am I doing the things I do and what should I do, else?
My annual reflection; exiting!

Reflecting and reviewing the past year;
Is my mission in life still valid?
How do I see the future, range of at least 20 years?
Do I still honor my values and treating my Anchors and my priorities right?
Am I still doing the correct things?

What have I done past year?
What should I have done differently?
What should be improved?
What have I learned from it?
What is done perfectly? Why?

What is on my to do list
What is on my NOT to do list?

To-Dos, my

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You are never alone- Together

Today I ran the ¼ Marathon of Rotterdam, I did it!
Now I be able to thick another box, celebrate my success of another achievement in my continuous search for improvement, just because I can!
Apart from this experience of the last 7 month, were I had trained far less than planned and having bought running shoes a few hours before the race, the event was amazing! So many people, so many stories and one passion.

But something else grabbed my awareness and consciousness today, let me tell you about that. In the ¼ marathon section 15.000 heroes were running supported by almost 1 million fans! While running from time to time I was focused and not fully aware of every supporter, but they were amazing. Oh yes, in my condition it

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